Wednesday, 15th June 2022 in Berlin, the CO:DINA conference „Shaping the digital-ecological transformation: System change by design or by disruption?” aimed to discuss perspectives, framework conditions, and political options for action to shape digitalisation in the service of the socio-ecological transformation. In the workshop „Transparent value chains: With digital product passport and AI to sustainable consumption”, Maike Gossen had the opportunity to present the project and the current features of the „Green Consumption Assistant” as well as to comment on the potential of a Digital Product Passport (DPP) as an environmental policy instrument to promote sustainable consumption. From the project’s point of view, the EU’s plans to introduce the DPP are promising but probably come too late. The DPP would be relevant as a data source as long as the data is in a standardised, comparable format and preferably machine-readable and publicly accessible.